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All About the Prairie-style Home

All About the Prairie-style Home

The Prairie style for home design is one of the few truly American designs in architecture.  Considered “modern” in style, it is the creation of an organic style by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

The name derived from the publication in 1901, “A Home in a Prairie Town” which Wright designed for the Ladies’ Home

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Garage Re-haul

In so many homes, the garage is a cluttered dumping ground where you stick things that don’t otherwise seem to have a place to live. Sometimes, this is so much the case that there’s not even room to park your car. Sound familiar? If so, now might be the perfect time to transform your garage

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Why We Love Ranch-style Homes

If you’re a homebuyer, you either love ranch-style homes or you think they’re hopelessly out of date. Either way, here are a few tidbits you didn’t know that will help you appreciate them a lot more. 

Eighty percent of existing housing was built before 1980, according to the U.S. Census, and the majority of the

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How-to’s: Art Collecting for the Beginner

Part of what makes a house a home is surrounding yourself and your family with objects you love. Your furniture, your floor coverings and what you choose to put on your walls and tabletops all combine to create the ambiance you want.

Few decorative pieces impact and direct ambiance more than a well-chosen painting or

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Minimalist Chic Design for your Home

Even if your home is a museum-quality space that regularly draws acclaim from friends and strangers for its tasteful décor, conventional wisdom dictates that less is more when it comes to inviting prospective buyers in for a look. Remember, in selling a house, you want buyers to be able to see themselves in the space,

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The Fairytale Tudor

Few homes have more charm than the Medieval revival style of architecture affectionately known as the Tudor.

Defined by steeply pitched and gabled roofs, prominent chimneys, and decorative timber, the Tudor style is equally attractive in cottages or palatial estates.

Tudor revival homes are recreations of late medieval architecture popularized during the House of Tudor

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Backsplash Magic

Installing a custom ceramic tile backsplash in your kitchen is a wonderful way to add color and character to the room as a whole. It also protects the walls behind your stove, sink, and other high-activity areas while making routine clean up a snap. With some planning and preparation and plenty of elbow grease, it’s

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Creating a Focal Point

Like a fine painting, every room has a focal point. It’s the element that draws your eye first, and invites you for a closer look.

The focal point defines the room’s ambiance and underscores the room’s purpose. It makes you want to enter, and enjoy the room to sit and relax, study, watch videos, sleep,

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Budget Mudroom Makeover

Is your home’s mudroom or entryway a cluttered mess of coats and boots that makes it hard to see the floor? Don’t sweat it. You are not alone. By bringing organization to this space in a house, you can provide a much warmer welcome to visitors, cut down on time wasted looking for that umbrella

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