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Three Lawn Chemicals Homeowners Should Know About

Are you the kind of homeowner who takes pride in your lawn? Then you already know how tenacious some insects, critters and weeds can be.

So just go to the lawn and garden section of your local hardware store and buy some chemical relief, right? Hold on a minute – there’s a better way.


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Ground Cover for Lazy Gardeners

Grass is high maintenance. It has to be groomed, fertilized, weeded, debugged, watered generously, and then cut all over again.  And it doesn’t always grow in evenly. It can get too much sun or shade that can leave bald spots in your lawn.

Why not look at other ground covers? Ground covers are there to

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Keep Cut Flowers Fresh-looking Longer

Spring is here and flowers are blooming. Whether you are cutting flowers from your own garden or buying them freshly cut from a flower shop, you want your cut flowers to last as long as possible.

Cut flowers last longest in environments that most closely approximate their living conditions before they were cut.  This includes

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How to Garden Through Community Service

For many homeowners, gardening is a simple pleasure with a lot of payoff; it allows them the enjoyment of fresh air, a way to get some exercise, express some creativity, and even save some money while cultivating their own flowers and foods. 

But for new homeowners with little or no gardening experience, trying to learn

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Should You Buy a Home With A Swimming Pool?

With buyers across the country gearing up for spring sales, features like swimming pools can be attractive. You may be tempted to buy a home with a swimming pool, but before you go off the deep end, here are a few things to consider.

Swimming pools are beautiful and lots of fun, but they can

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What is Xeriscaping?

In many parts of the country, such as Southern California and the Southwest, green lawns of grass are not indigenous to the region, requiring copious amounts of water to keep them looking their best.

Non-native landscaping contributes to water shortage in some areas, requiring watering restrictions. The problem is so great in Los Angeles that

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The Victory Garden

Budding up behind houses and on rooftops across the country is a blast from the past called the victory garden. 

During WWII, victory gardens were promoted by the U.S. government to save fuel and other transportation costs so more supplies were available for the troops. Patriotic citizens were encouraged to live on locally-produced food.


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Swimming Pools – Added Value Or Limited Appeal?

Many Americans look back fondly at the years they spent in their youth lounging in their parent`s backyard pool, but does having a pool on your property help or hinder when it comes time to sell your home? The answer is neither simple nor straightforward. Truthfully, investing in a pool can benefit one homeowner while

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Landscaping On a Budget: Inexpensive Doesn’t Mean Unattractive

Bought a fixer-upper that you are turning around both inside and out? Looking for an effective and inexpensive way to look after your landscaping design needs while fooling those who see your home into thinking you’ve broken the bank? Here are some key considerations for keeping your landscaping costs from running out of control.

Flowers and Gardening tools


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