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Garden Plants Can Also Repel Bugs That Bite

Chemical insect repellants are so 2009. They can be smelly, harmful and ineffective.  You can do less harm to yourself, the environment and your garden by repelling biting, stinging insects the old-fashioned way – with plants.

Cats are the only ones who like catnip – this tried-and-true plant is also great for repelling mosquitoes. Scientists

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Wear Protective Clothing When Using Lawn Power Tools

Ah, the fresh smell of cut grass in the summer! As you head outdoors to cut, trim, and tend your lawn, you may be thinking of wearing lightweight clothes as you work in the sun, but if you’re planning to use power tools, you should consider what not to wear.

Protective eyeglasses, not sunglasses


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Use Companion Planting To Attract Good Bugs

Something small and wriggly is creeping in your garden, intent on eating every part of your flowers and vegetables.

The destructive aphid is a small insect that rapidly reproduces many times a year.  With an estimated 1,350 species in the U.S. alone, aphids can be found munching on various parts of your plants, including the

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Quick, Easy Lawnmower Care

Knowing when to mow your lawn can set the pace for healthy growth, but lawnmower maintenance can help your lawn make the cut.

With just a few steps, you can take care of your most important lawn maintenance tool before and during the mowing season to get the best results from your mower and the

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Charcoal Grill Safety for Summer

With summer fast approaching,  you and all your friends will probably be taking part in the great American tradition of barbequing. 

But you want to be safe, don’t you? There are an estimated 600 barbeque related fires a year, according to the Coppel, TX Fire Department. Just follow a few safety checks to help

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Cutting Edgers

To really set your lawn apart you will want to give the borders around your yard a crisp edge with a tool meant for the job. An edger helps keep your grass from spilling onto the curb, sidewalk or driveway, as well as into flower beds. Edging allows for a crisp, well manicured aesthetic that

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Hole-y Mole-y!: Three Ways To Get Rid of Moles In Your Yard

For many homeowners, moles can be a real pest- they are notorious for tearing up yards, killing grass and destroying flowerbeds. And along with their penchant for digging, moles can also be hazardous to your pets and children as they have been known to carry diseases like rabies.

It’s no wonder you want to get

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Learning Tips for the Novice Gardener

Looking for a way to infuse some color and life into your new home?  As a novice homeowner, you may find doing your own gardening is a great alternative to hiring expensive landscapers. Gardening can yield a lot of fruit – real fruit and vegetables, that is.

But what if you don’t know how to

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Tame Your Turf with Good Mowing Habits

One of the best ways for homeowners to make a good impression is to have a well-groomed lawn. A beautiful lawn makes your home look healthy and inviting, and definitely contributes to curb appeal.  For many new homeowners, however, maintaining an attractive lawn may appear harder than it looks.

By using a few proper mowing

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