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The Tide of Households to Come

If you own affordable property that can be purchased by entry-level buyers, you are in an ideal position to profit from the real estate tide to come. 

New data from The Joint Center for Housing Studies shows that household formation has slowed dramatically from 1.2 to 1.4 million annually between 2000 and 2004, to 1.0

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Protect Your Topsoil From Washing Away

Homeowners in rainy and hilly areas know how aggravating it is to keep top soil from draining from their gardens. Replacing topsoil can be expensive and time consuming, so here are some suggestions for keeping precious topsoil where it belongs and doing what it’s supposed to do – giving your plants nutrients.

Soil is the

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Tame Your Turf with Good Mowing Habits

One of the best ways for homeowners to make a good impression is to have a well-groomed lawn. A beautiful lawn makes your home look healthy and inviting, and definitely contributes to curb appeal.  For many new homeowners, however, maintaining an attractive lawn may appear harder than it looks.

By using a few proper mowing

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What is Xeriscaping?

In many parts of the country, such as Southern California and the Southwest, green lawns of grass are not indigenous to the region, requiring copious amounts of water to keep them looking their best.

Non-native landscaping contributes to water shortage in some areas, requiring watering restrictions. The problem is so great in Los Angeles that

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Building a Welcome Mat for Your Home

Options are limitless when installing a new driveway or repairing an existing one. They’re an excellent way to frame the look of the property, and a great way to shape buyer expectations as they stroll up to see what’s inside your home. By choosing the finish and type that works best, you’ll make the home feel

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