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Knock-Out Neutrals

When preparing a house for sale, an overall interior paint job often tops many homeowners’ to-do lists,  and it should. A fresh coat of paint can bring new life and vitality to living spaces in very little time and with minimal expense. But choosing the right paint palette can be the critical difference between enticing

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The Big Picture: Creating a Unifying Color Palette

Just as choosing the right color for the various rooms in your home is important, choosing colors that create harmony from room to room should also be a consideration. Indeed, a cohesive color scheme can make your home more than the sum of its parts. If creating a unifying color palette for the whole house

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Warm Colors, Cool Colors

Red is hot and blue is cold, right? If your knowledge of colors is limited to the clues provided by the knobs on your bathroom sink, you are not alone. For the most part, careful consideration of color theory can be left to designers and other experts. But a basic understanding of the difference between

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What’s the Magic Color for Selling Your House?

Color plays a big part in selling a house. How you decide to dress your walls can convince a buyer that your home is move-in ready or leave them looking elsewhere. If the goal is to see the sparkle of “love at first sight,” consider picking the right paint palette to suit a range of

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