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Local blog helps with unknown hoops with planning commission

Check out this local Mobile, Alabama blog http://gulfcoastlanduse.com/
It has so much valuable info for zoning and requirements before you start a project around the house or as commercial.…

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When Buying A New Bed, Size Matters

If you’ve never bought a bed before or haven’t purchased a new bed in the last 10 years, you’ll have an easier time shopping by remembering one simple thing – size matters. 

How big do you want your bed to be? First, consider your current needs.  Are you downsizing or upsizing? Do you want your

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Get Rid of Cooking Smells

Does your house have housitosis? Your home may have “bad breath” from all your delicious cooking. If cooking smells linger long after the meal is served, it’s time to take action.

The best remedy is to prevent the odors in the first place.  This is easily done through proper ventilation and air filtration.  Your cooktop

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Finding the Best Used Furniture

Finding great used furniture takes some digging – yard sales, consignment stores, antique malls, and more. Some items aren’t worth the trip home, so before you plunk you’re your money, consider some tips on what makes a smart buy in used furniture.

Dealista.QuickAndDirtyTips.com’s Linsey Knerl offers a short list of furniture to avoid; sofas and

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Choose Colors for Ambiance

Color personality tests are fun to take. Who doesn’t enjoy being told that they’re true blue or mellow yellow?

The color tests help confirm who you already know you are, or perhaps which shades you wear best, which you may also already know, but they may not help you when it comes to decorating your

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Color Identity – Red

Few colors are more attention-getting than red. As the most sensual of the primary colors, red represents the polar ends of emotion – from anger (seeing red) to joy (paint the town red) to love (my love is like a red, red rose.) It connotes passion, power, danger and celebration.

Red’s intensity is difficult to

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Keeping Kitchen Counters Clutter-free

Today’s kitchens are filled with all kinds of gastronomical gadgets, from coffee bean grinders to indoor rotisseries. You have everything you need to prepare five star cuisine, yet kitchen trends are leaning toward minimalism. That means you can show off your white marble countertops, commercial range and custom backsplash, if you put away the other

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Installing a New Toilet

If you’re tired of jiggling the handle and you wait eons for the tank to refill, or you want to reduce your water bill, it’s time to buy a new toilet.

When is buying new better than repairing? Simply look online at available models and then check prices against buying parts and/or hiring a plumber

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McMansion are McOver

The gigantic houses funded by the no-doc loans of the late 90s and early 2000s gave new meaning to the term “embarrassment of riches.” When the housing market faded in 2006, the unsold behemoths known as McMansions (oversized houses built on undersized lots) were unpleasant reminders of massive egos and trillions of dollars in losses.

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